About Us

Our company, which started to work on web development and special software in Balıkesir in 2013, has merged with the IRS Group in mid-2018. As Nano Software and Technology Services, we apply web-based technologies which used as a method of providing companies with both reputation and revenue. We make you more recognizable and easily accessible with solutions such as targeted and personalized designs, software which makes easier to manage your business, websites that introduce you and your business in the best way, and mobile-compatible corporate websites that will help people quickly access your company. We design and build the information and communication architecture according to the new competition and market conditions of the companies. In short, we produce corporate web solutions.

As Nano Software and Technology Services, we provide services in various fields such as:

  • Web Solutions

  • Customized Software Solutions

  • E-Commerce Solutions

  • Mobile Application Solutions

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Digital Advertising Consultancy (SEM)

  • Corporate Identity

  • Social Media Consultancy

We continue our support to your programs and websites after delivery by adopting the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction. We blend our knowledge and experience with confidence and friendliness while providing all the support we can for you to reach your dream website and software. In this era, in which technology is advancing at an unbelievable pace, we continue to improve ourselves and work to make our service perfect.
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